Shipping Container Specifications

Use these as a guide only. Dimensions etc can vary.

Type Use External (LxWxH) Internal Size (LxWxH) Approx Capacity Door Opening (WxH)
20ft general all general cargo 6,100x2, 400x2, 60012,200x2, 400x2, 600 5,890x2, 345x2, 40012,015x2, 345x2, 362 33 2,335x2, 290
40ft general all general cargo 12,200x2, 400x2, 900 12,015x2, 345x2, 362 67 2,335x2, 260
40ft hi-cube all general cargo 6,100x2, 400x2, 900 12,015x2, 345x2, 690 76 2,335x2, 580
20ft open top Used for top loading cargo 6,100x2, 400x2, 600 5,890x2, 345x2, 340 32 2,335x2, 260 roof opening 5, 712x2, 175
40ft open top top loading cargo 12,200x2, 400x2, 600 12,025x2345x2, 305 64 2,335x2, 230 roof opening 11, 832x2, 175
20ft ventilated onions etc 6,100x2, 400x2, 600 5,892x2, 303x2, 380 32 2,305x2, 273
20ft tank bulk liquids 6,100x2, 400x2, 600   holds up to 24,000 ltr  
20ft refrigerated perishables 6,100x2, 400x2, 600 5,450x2, 260x2, 247 28 2,260x2, 200
40ft refrigerated perishables 12,200x2, 400x2, 600 11,550x2, 270x2, 200 58 2,270x2, 170
20ft flat rack over size cargo 6,100x2, 400x2, 600 5940x2, 400x2, 310 32 side opening5,576x2, 310
40ft flat rack over size cargo 12,200x2, 400x2, 600 12,066x2, 263x2, 134 58 side opening 11, 662x2, 134

There are a number of other specialised types of equipment. You should check with our people for your particular need. Airfreight containers are generally not made available to shippers but are packed at airport facilities either by the forwarder or airline.
Above dimensions and capacities are typical, containers from different sources vary greatly. All sizes are in mm, all capacities are in CBM (cubic metres). Loading weight capacity varies from container to container and maybe between 20,000 and 30,000 kg. Be careful road weight limits still apply to shipping containers. Make sure when loading that you don't exceed the road limit at either end of the journey nor the load limit of the container.

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